Top 3 Softwares to Create Logos

Top 3 Softwares to Create Logos

Ever dreamt of creating beautiful logos ? Well if the answer is yes, then do you have any idea which softwares are most popular and mainly used when it comes to logo design? Today we will analyze the top 3 softwares used to create logos.


Adobe Illustrator



Illustator is the most famous software used to create vector graphics, including logos and business cards other such stuff. As far as logo designing is concerned no other paid or free software can come close to illustrator, its simply the best software for logo designing, the range of tools that Illustrator has makes shape creation and color filling a walk in the park.

With Illustrator you can create almost any kind of shape, you can fill it with colors, patterns and gradients. Graphics and Logos created with Illustrator are neat clean and crisp, Illustrator isn’t free it comes under the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.


Adobe Photoshop



Adobe Photoshop although technically isn’t the right tool to create logos, but its has a set of  powerful tools like pen tool and vector based custom shapes that can be defined with pen tool features like this makes it a good choice for logo designing. When I started creating logos first, I tried my hand with Photoshop its good tool for beginners to start creating logos but remember its always Illustrator that’s the best software to create logos. Photoshop just like illustrator comes under the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription plan.



inkscape icon



Inkscape can be termed as poor mans Illustrator, its an open source project which means its free for ever, it can be downloaded from Inkscape website. Just like Illustrator you can create awesome logos with Inkscape it creates vector graphics that are really clean and crisp to see. I personally used inkscape on a couple of projects and its was a great tool first you need to learn its basics on how to work with the software and with its various tools.


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